Yoko Fushigina

July 22, 2003 - Tokio
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Angel of Darkness

Being begotten in haze and despair,
By which helpless souls were branded,
Dark Angel left Heavens for earthbound Hell
To end the horror we'd started.
Tearing the chains of our minds
And breaking trough night and day,
Paving the way inbetween acid lies
She's solvation from our dismay.

She doesn't feel frightened crossing the sea
Filled with most gory sides of our fame.
Age-old divine wisdom wants to break free,
Injustice gave birth to the flame!
She's reborn once again, but as guardian angel,
Now defilers of Heavens are crumbling.
I cannot slither away from this danger,
Crucified by coveted humbling.

Buried under the gravity of our crimes
Conscience silently turns into corpse.
Purification will reach our vice
Through the metal claws of remorse.
Wherever you run, she finds you location.
She smells the fetidnes of evil root.
So if I had to commit violation
To get her attention, no matter I would.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Only through harrowing anguish and agony
The catharsis can be truly achieved.
She has awaken the forses of equity,
Allowing the piece to be fully retrieved.
I will betray my past and my present
If I have chance for the future with her,
'Cause we are tenebrous birds of a feather
Fighting from shadows for freedom and love.
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