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Storm on me
by Priyanka Roy

Storm on me
Uproot me from my depression
Let every tear roll down my body
Rinsing, washing out memories
In blotches
White paper boats, vying
crashing against my chest
of dripping honey
a heavy sigh
of inhibitions, paranoia,


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by J W

the tingling moves up my arm
my heart is thumping on my sternum
screaming to be let out
my stomach wails like a cat
every gurgle of my intestines
warning what’s to come
my brain knows the threat is real
sounds all the alarms shuts down what’s not
keeping me alive
to go about my day feels


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by Beth Johnson

I’ve got so many voices inside my head,
my Schizophrenia’s keeping them fed,
I’m starting to feel lost within myself,
think I’m turning into someone else.

I’m always planning my escape,
before my brain can escalate.

“I can’t find it,


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by Unetix -

my mind is overthinking
the ship keeps on sinking
the cup is overflowing
but my mind keeps on going
nothing but my anxiety growing
my sadness surely showing
but my mind is now rowing in my thoughts
the ship might as well be a yacht
a party for the distraught
with the demons they haven't yet caught


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Ruined state
by Luke Dunskey

A black sky.
A marble ceiling.
The crumbling cement cracks with the wind.

An old dog, with gentle grey
under its chin, sleeps on an
overgrown sidewalk.

A half-finished microwave meal, under
a broken chandelier.


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Recent Anxiety Poems
by Lisa Clark

My good girl mouth is used to soap
The rabid foam of rancid hope
I ache instead for languid smoke
To be washed clean with rum and coke

My schoolyard brain too dumb to cope
Its volatile isotope
Decays me slowly from the yoke
A half-life spent in gory choke

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Just breathe
by Connor McCloskey

Just Breathe

That's what they always say
But I'm tired of breathing
All it leads to is gasping
For air, for love, for hope
For something

So I hold my breath


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by Author Reinvented

I'm sinking in this quicksand,
And Im slowly losing ground,
But the more I try to fight it,
The more it drags me down,

I'm standing on the water,
Trying not to look around,
Because if I lose my faith here,
I know that I will drown!


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by Author Reinvented

My room is so messy
But I can't seem to clean
I try to explain it,
But I can't say what I mean.

My room is too stuffy,
Outside is too cold,
The dishes need washing
Before they grow mold.


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Neurotic Anxiety
by Oliver Nalder

Past the mirror, quick.
Head down. Eyes down.
You already know you look sick.
You watch where their eyes double back
and it sticks in your mind.
Still behind,
when you find yourself back where you started.

Watch how they twist up their face.
You don't know what it means.


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