Anxiety Poems

Popular Anxiety Poems
by Red Brick Keshner

Ribald footprints

of a silent, brooding zitar

rendezvous with an ebbing tide

recalcitrant thoughts wash away

along this sandy shoal.

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Ruined state
by Luke Dunskey

A black sky.
A marble ceiling.
The crumbling cement cracks with the wind.

An old dog, with gentle grey
under its chin, sleeps on an
overgrown sidewalk.

A half-finished microwave meal, under
a broken chandelier.


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Emotional unrest
by K V

My breathing quickens
So fast I cannot curtail
The rasps which emerge
As I brutally exhale

My pulse fastens
My heart pounds in my chest
Like I am in real danger,
Lke I might arrest


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by J W

the tingling moves up my arm
my heart is thumping on my sternum
screaming to be let out
my stomach wails like a cat
every gurgle of my intestines
warning what’s to come
my brain knows the threat is real
sounds all the alarms shuts down what’s not
keeping me alive
to go about my day feels


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by Unetix -

my mind is overthinking
the ship keeps on sinking
the cup is overflowing
but my mind keeps on going
nothing but my anxiety growing
my sadness surely showing
but my mind is now rowing in my thoughts
the ship might as well be a yacht
a party for the distraught
with the demons they haven't yet caught


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Recent Anxiety Poems
by Kailey Norris

Every wave overpowers the previous,
Each stronger than before.
An endless cycle of crashing upon tides rolling back.
They seen to constantly strengthen,
But the beach will never be overtaken.
Moments of strength will fade,
Making the next much more powerful.


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cough syrup
by Alyssa dewey

Legs bouncing
hands shaking
I feel my hair stick up on my legs and arms
this cold feeling of my adolescence fades
and the warm morning glaze of new horizons washes over me
all the things I used to love
The teddy bear that still sleeps next to me at night
waking up without caring
longing for that smell of sterile school air


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by Shruti Sidpara

i helped myself.
I wiped my own tears.
Plastered over fresh wounds and parts of my heart that were still hurting.
I gave myself time.
I read books that soothed my soul.
I listened to music that calmed my nerves.
I watched movies that made me smile.
Piece by piece,
I put myself back together again.


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by Brady Stewart

How have you been?
Ah that's cool. What happened then?
What happened then?
what Happened then?
what happened Then?
Why is there a disconnect?
What happened
What happened
What happened


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Story Neverending
by Brady Stewart

What would you like to know about me?
I promise you,
The story I tell is SOOO long!
Sooooooooooooooo lon-
It is actually very short
It is actually short
It is very short
It is ‘lil short


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