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Advice To Maple-Trees
by Maxwell Bodenheim

O little maple-trees,
Slender and unkempt, looking with shaggy askance
Upon the moon-spiked solitude;
O little maple-trees,
Growing a little toward the sky
That touches you to all eyes save your own,
You rattle insistently for wings,
But wings cound never tear
The stain of earth from your feet:
The earth that gnaws at you until


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Advice To A Pool
by Maxwell Bodenheim

Be a liquid threshold for the dawn
And let night touch you with his back.
The earth-bowl prisoning you, and cold night winds

Are only pause and rhythm
Within an endless fantasy,
But you, like they, can be
A dream from the loins of a dream,
And build a golden stairway of escape.


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وصية شهيد - Poem
by سعيد المزين

إغمس يراعك في دمي
واكتب نشيدا من فمي
وارقب شفاهي وهْيَ تهتف حازمات
فأنا أردد أغنيات
قبل الممات
هذي أغاني الجرح تتلوها الشفاه
هذي صلاة
فاكتب على هام الحياة
قصص الأباة
الشعب آمن بالحراب


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Advice To A River Steam-Boat
by Maxwell Bodenheim

The brass band plays upon your decks,
Like a sturdy harlot aping mirth,
And people in starched shields
Stuff their passions with sweet words,
Life is swishing in the air,
Like a tipsy, unseen bridegroom.

O humbly grunting river boat,
Take the churning water and the sun
Like one who plays with his own chains


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Advice To A Butterfly
by Maxwell Bodenheim

Aimless petal of the wind,
Spinning gently weird circles,
To the flowers underneath
You are a drunken king of motion;
To the plunging winds above
You are momentary indecision.

Aimless petal of the wind,
Waver carelessly against this June.
The universe, like you, is but


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Advice to William Shatner Before Lift-off
by Zebra Black

William Shatner
don't eat
Mexican Food
before lift-off

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Another Letter to Henry
by Jeffrey Pipes Guice

Before too long, you’re going to become friends with a special person... you’re going to glance over to her in class, just at the exact same time she’s glancing at you... you’ll share a smile together and your world will become magical... she’s going to make you feel so good about yourself that you won’t even want to share your feelings with your guy friends, because they just won’t understand... you’re going to ask if you can carry her books from class to class, and she’s going to say yes... you’re going to put notes in each other’s lockers and discuss movies and music... you’re going to feel like you’ve quite possibly met your future wife, even though you just started liking her, and you’re only twelve years old... the end of the school year is only weeks away and you both start sharing your summer sleep away camp details when she pops the big question... do you want to meet me behind the gym after school today?
Before you even respond, you decide to ask a couple of your best buddies for advice... you’ve known them your entire life, well, since first grade, but you know you can trust them with your secret... you would appreciate their advice, as well as their confidentiality... one of the boys advises against meeting her because she might want to kiss you... the other boy encourages you to meet with her because he claims he has already kissed another girl in your class, and it was awesome... you make them both swear never to divulge your secret, and they both give you their word... when you arrive at the appointed time and place, and you await your fair maiden’s arrival, you suddenly realize the entire class has shown up to witness your momentous but private event... you suddenly begin to understand the gravity of the situation when one, two and then three minutes quickly pass by, and your maiden is nowhere to be seen... it’s at that point when the soft snickering eventually begins to sound like the spontaneous roaring of laughter... all eyes are on you, and you suddenly realize you are standing there, alone...

It’s important to understand the emotion of embarrassment… it’s a very strong emotion that is a part of every normal human being... when you feel betrayed by your buddies or your first crush, and you feel deeply wounded emotionally, understand that this is a temporary feeling and that you should allow yourself to feel that pain... the next step is to except that temporary feeling, understanding that this too shall pass... eventually... one slow hour at a time...

© 2021 Jeffrey Pipes Guice

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Too Much Advice, Leave Me Alone
by Jeffrey Pipes Guice

I’m stressed out
by my narcissistic mother...
I’m stressed out
by my clueless dad...
I’m stressed out
by my bratty children...
They’re all driving me
frickin’ mad...

They all tell me


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Best Friend Advice
by Jeffrey Pipes Guice

Do you remember the time when that buddy...
Tried to give you their best friend advice...
They said “You don’t really have to do this!”
And you didn’t think they were being very nice...

You thought you had made the right decision...
You would be in love ‘til death do you part’
You thought you had married the perfect girl...
Until on your wedding night, all she did was fart...


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how to die without trying
by Agustin Romano

how to die without trying
i’m a professional
i’ll tell you how
you stop caring for people
you stop loving women
you stop living in the present
you wake up at noon
you go to bed too soon
you ask ‘how are you’
you take five minute showers


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