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[Untitled (4)]
by Markiya Franklin

it was like a brilliant sunset
at the peak of its magnificence the colors blended sending its rays of harmony through the clouds and everywhere below
that's what my time with you had been like
i felt nothing could take the thrill, the passion, the peace away
we were perfect
and nobody - no one - is perfect
but we were
you were all i needed and you were there when i needed and god i needed a whole fucking lot
and god knows i followed you like the rain after the clouds
my presence merely seconds, maybe minutes behind yours


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by K. Exum

Some people are physically abused
See that’s the difference between me and you
I was mentally abused
And I don’t know what to do

I just want to be through
Then I look to god like when will I be through
I never get an answer that’s when the suicidal thoughts start to play through my mind

I often dream about making it to the grand stage so I can shine


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They say it's cold outside
by Author Reinvented

They say it's cold outside,
That the wind cuts like a knife.
Is it possible they lied?

I can't feel it.

They say its warm inside,
That home's where the heart
Am I frozen in time?


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by Mister Rotten

tremulous land
beseeched me to quiver
to bide, to tarry
somewhere inside
somewhere upriver
blessed and extraordinary
obscurity everlasting
obstructive, obtrusive, occlusive


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the slaughter of the unhinged
by Mister Rotten

him [cold like the arctic wind]:

the frost I recall,
the slightest of shivers
the chill that brushed over my shoulders
I was longing to thaw, I was longing to shield
yet she burned, and she blazed
while I smouldered


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Recent Abuse Poems
A Gift of Scars
by Aishat Yahkub

I wish you could see
All the scars you gifted me
When memories of you haunt my dreams,
ominous suffocating shadows
I trace them with the jagged cliffs of my
ripped fingers
Another tribute to you
These constellation of scars,
make a winding map
To the nick you etched on my soul


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by Lauren Davies

i feel my way through the darkness, stumbling
over every bump
falling through every crack
looking for you
holding my hand out for you;
always looking
for you.
one day i will remember it was you
who took away the light

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super glue
by Lauren Davies

you break my heart once;
and again;
and again;
i hold my heart together with sellotape,
holding out hope, too much hope, that
one day you’ll give me the super glue
to keep me from breaking


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by Camron Thompson

Let your hands come off the throat of your victim
I am no longer what you define myself as
Scars remain, but the knowledge of their purpose
Blades are dropped, and tears are dried
Plant the seed, water such with my tears
Strength and will grows as the light ever dims
Chains breaking as I will forever shatter you
Not am I to be made another of your victims
So many young minds and age wisdom left behind
Repair the mirror with gauze and bandages


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by T Lupulin

Softly as she tumbles
Quietly as she treads
Through those hollow rooms
That live inside her head
Memories, they've escaped
Years she cannot feel
Stripped away from someone younger
Not remembering what is real
For some, this bears no burden
Certainly it bought some peace


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