Howell, New Jersey, USA

The Bahamma Blues

Here comes a tune and I am a dancer...
Alas! I am alone. I have no partner!
The sand and the ocean water wash my feet.
Although the wind is blowing cold my skin releases heat.
For here comes a tall dark man who offers his hand
For a dance I have not begun my inner self is screaming
A warning. not to run, He takes me into his arms.
I feel safe, out of reach of harm. Up above the stars twinkle.
I look up into the strangers' eyes and they kindle.
I feel like I've known him before He is here with me, dancing
This dance on the shore.
The pace is slow, the beach is soft and the ocean rolls.
My mind demands. "What is his name?"
Everything is so different, nothing is the same.
Every man I've ever known thought of me as his own.
But this man lets my soul ride free and makes me feel
At ease and at home. The song has ended but we have not parted.
A surprise came to be. He presented his life, his name,
And behold!. a ring to me. We are now husband and wife.
Now and forever, he is my husband, my love, and my life.
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