Miki Vermeulen

April 12, 2004 - Washington State
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second love

It’s not even about missing you.
It’s about having to remember
how fast and sudden you switched up,
and how horrible it made me feel.

One day you flipped,
you were sad and miserable,
you didn’t even want to be around me.
I don’t know what I did because you never told me.
You left me so confused and alone
after giving me everything.

Where did you go
and how do I get the boy I fell in love with back.
I know things change
but I never imagined one day
you wouldn’t give a fuck about me.

I’m mad at how fast you left,
but I’m more mad that I still don’t know why.
I see your family and friends
and they don’t know where we went wrong.
So who did you tell?
What do you tell people
when you explain our ending?

Who even are you anymore.
I am so so mad at you
but I still love you
because I know that sweet, energetic,
and loving boy is still in there somewhere,
and I’m sorry I wasn’t enough to keep him around.
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