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by Elisa Martinelli

There is a word
In my head
And it cuts like a sword
Killing me dead.

It's a syllable
That cuts like a knife
When I am not able
To handle my life.


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A Sweet Dawn Of Desire: -12 : The Beauty of Our Love
by Subhas Chandra Chakra

The beauty of our love,
Is a sight to behold,
As we journey together,
On paths that love has told.

With the grace of your movement,
And the sparkle in your eyes,
I am lost in the beauty,
Of the love that never dies.


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by Borrowedmind B

Your orbit is unreachable but constant.
I'm just drifting around without destination.
But you-
Your force of gravity holds so much power.
A collusion would be deadly.
You would crush me entirely,
until nothing is left of me,
except tiny pieces of dusty debris

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by Dennis Brutus

Can the heart compute desire's trajectory
Or logic obtuse with semantic ambiguities
This simple ache's expletive detonation?

This is the wordless ultimate ballistic
Impacting past Science's reason, past logic
To blast the heart's defensive mechanism.

O my heart, my lost hope love, my dear
Absence and hunger mushroom my hemispheres;


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How long?
by Author Reinvented

How long
Can pressure be applied
Before the coal turns to dust and you realize there is no diamond?

How long
Will you keep saying "You've tried"
Before dismay replaces trust and you finally stop trying?

How long
Can you keep adding straws,


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Recent Longing Poems
The Search
by Edwin Miles

blur my vision
let lines appear
let shapes appear
now mountains
here come staggered soldiers
marching armies
they come for us
to find us
to harvest and to harm us
we are wanted


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by Trevor Vretas

here goes nothing...

change these scars.
let them fade away.
glue them shut with,
your everlasting gaze.

heal my heart.
wash the pain away.
comfort me with,


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Illusions of grandeur/Lost souls
by June C

Illusions of grandeur
A blank canvas
Easily painted
But never completed
Several hands, brush and stroke
Half done,fragmented
The canvas cries
Never able to claim it's original name

Lost Souls


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Thousand Wishes
by Melina Marie

I wanna make you smile and laugh,
I wanna dance with you.
I wanna hold your hand at day,
at night I wanna too.

I wanna be the first you kiss,
I wanna be your love.
As much I wanna be your last:
I wanna be enough.


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Monday in November
by Nathaniel Suarez

Days like today when I yearn for you most,
I don't want you anymore; I need you.
I long for your hands to lift me up,
to wipe my tears even though I can do it myself.
To remind me you're here to fight alongside me
To remind me that if I fall again, you'll pick me up
To make me laugh and smile
To soothe the lump that forms in my throat when I cry,
To tell me how much you love me
Remind me how much you're proud of me; proud of us.


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