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Men Are All Alike!
by Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar

So much loving and caring
He appears in the lights
Of his honorable and civilized life
But acts otherwise
In the dead deserted nights.
In darkness of artificial glamor
He turns into ruthless rustic,
Utterly abusive and deadly scary
Brandishing his muscled power forcibly.


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Cry me a river
by Grace Hough

Cry me a river
and a lake
I've been hoping for you
to feel my mistake
the liquid is deep red
from fresh lines it bled
the skin that's open stings
as I sit here waiting for your ring.

Cry me a river


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A True Feeling Of Love
by Jeffrey Pipes Guice

People fall in love
In many different ways...
We’re in a whole new world
Unlike the old traditional days...

I know it’s hard for you...
To express a true feeling of love...
We were just brought up differently...
When push finally comes to shove...


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Would you?
by Sumit Maurya

When the sun goes down
And my shadow will leave my side
I will be alone in the dark just like a blind
Would you not calm my mind?
When the mud goes thick
And the path goes hard
When my legs will swell
And I will fall apart
I will look for your hand I will wait for your sound
Would you not calm my mind?


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I didn't deserve this
by Reem Khalaf

It took me one day
to mourn you
and 3 years
to mourn myself

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Recent Relationship Poems
Nurturing Love Through Life's Challenges
by Lukman Nurudeen Adeniyi

Amidst love's journey, conflicts always arise.
Tackling trials, growth coherently becomes evident.
Within struggles, our radiance shines through.

Through understanding, we live with ease.
We mend; wounds heal, strength apparent.
A journey together, imperfect yet true.

With benevolent words and no malice,
And an act of forgiveness inherent,


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Sustaining Progress: Love's Guiding Light
by Lukman Nurudeen Adeniyi

In the pursuit of sustainable progress:
Wholesome love, relationships, light the way;
The architects, they are, of reform.

Warmheartedness leaves an enduring white trace,
Their significance echoes—ever to stay,
Illuminate an indomitable force amidst storm!

They form the foundation of justice—
Indisputably, they bring harmony's soothing display;


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Familial Bond: Unbreakable Threads of Love
by Lukman Nurudeen Adeniyi

Faithful family, a treasure to hold,
They are the anchors in storms,
Guiding us through this life's journey.

Through ups & downs, strong they stand,
Gathered close, their love forever transforms,
Forging bonds, love's flame forever burny.

Gently embracing, hearts united and grand,
Fostering familial link where understanding reforms,


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Endless Affection: Souls United in Love
by Lukman Nurudeen Adeniyi

Love is the bedrock of connections,
In relationships, its power beyond compare.
The bond unites, the tie binds.

Illustrious bonds, all weaving hearts' affections,
Tender moments whispered, love's symphony rare,
Luminous smiles exchanged, hearts and minds.

Timeless affection weaves love's intricate intersections,
Longing's embrace, a journey beyond despair,


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Eternal Connections: Love's Enduring Glow
by Lukman Nurudeen Adeniyi

Relationships matter, any time, any day,
Connections that bind; hearts that entwine,
A lifeline of support, comforting embrace.

Cherish each bond in every way,
All matters, like the stars that shine,
Resilient love, oh, in every space.

Amidst trials, love remains unbreakable, gay,
Robust and strong, that to enshrine,


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