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I'm there!!!
by Sumit Maurya

Don't feel me, M there
can't see me, m air
I'm like your beating heart
Touch the casket and feel my part
Resplendence keeps me on toe
No time for love no chance to go
But I 'll see you someday for sure
That day we will stop and I promise we won't grow anymore
Come and take what's only your
The part of you what been separated so


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by Cassidy Naekel

Like a bird trapped in a glass cage, you flutter around this town
Without purpose or direction,
diving head first into the edges,
spiraling down.
Landing in the barren fields of this place-
So many times that I have lost count.

You do not learn from your mistakes,
Instead you blame me
for not unlocking a door


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Walk Away
by Leigh Yah

I hope I made the right decision
It's all for good
Call me selfish
Call me impatient
But it took me a thousand nights thinking if it could be better to finish this.

I'll take all the blame
Call me stupid
Call me crap
But flicker was the last resort I had.


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Story of Solitude

Once, I peeped into the alley of human mind;
Searching for a soul with whom I could bind,
Only to find none of my kind!!

I cursed my vision for being so weak;
Not a single company could I seek;
Did it mean, I was a freak??

Stuck in the vortex of mental trauma,
Loneliness in life appeared no less than a stigma.


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Friends & Flatterers

Reminiscing in a corner of room so dark,
And heart being ripped into particles of quark,
The pangs of guilt left an indelible mark!!

Betrayed by a soul in the midst of storm,
Meaning of trust underwent a rapid transform.
Somehow, he wiped off tears to assume a dauntless form!!

He lamented and mocked himself for being a fool,
As the path so taken was not that cool.


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Recent Relationship Poems
Ode to My Man
by Leigh Yah

Tonight I rest my all
To someone who always make me fall
Choosing you was the best decision
Against all odds, I knew we both could pass the battle.

Tonight I rest my heart
To that man who cheers me up
Making me laugh is quiet hard
But you took the challenge this far.


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Your Happiness Is Fire
by K B

When I'm with you
Your happiness is catching
Getting caught on my skin
spreading through me like wildfire
All over me
And into me
Deep into my soul
Until my heart is ablaze
A fire with everlasting radiant warmth

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by Arshia Sheikh

Sometime we take our love forgranted

But believe me, I have always cared.

A small fight is not the end of our relation,

It is pious, it needs some consideration.

One day I am wrong and other day you may be,


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Walk away
by Ciorstin Bd

I walk away, life is irony itself,
a payback for the past, a consequence without a cause

I walk away, not to run, but to find strength to go on
I am not what you need and I am not what you want,
you must chase your own personal mirage

I didn’t ask for this, I did not want it, I was content and at peace,
and here it is, a small crack in my defences and you blew open the wall


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Love is but a game of two
by Khayelihle Bongiswa Gamedze

Love is but a game of two,
I've noted with curiosity.
But who will pair me, who?
Who will choose someone like me?

It is a game, so they say,
It is a way it seems for all.
It is a game for two to play,
And if played well it will pay.


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