Margret Foulger

Norwich, Norfolk, UK

The Raindrop

Whilst pushing my way through the heavy grey sky
I pass clouds and birds that fly amazingly high,
with gathering speed I tumble in to a chestnut tree
from where I jump excitedly from leaf to leaf,
not much longer now before I come down with bounce
to rejoin the others that are already on the ground.

Luckily I didn't fall on to a rooftop with a splutter
to finish up in the dark drain and smelly gutter,
I would rather land with a bolt ever so slight,
together we water the ever thirsty land with great fun
we look like glittering pearls in the afterrain sun.

Over the fields down the hills and rocky stones we slide
into a wild running stream that takes us for a ride,
swiftly we are roaring into a lively river very fast
reaching the end of our journey the sea - at last,
finally we are back where our lives once began
starting all over again because our work is never done.
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