Margaret Anne McCants

Glendale, Arizona

Black And White

Life is not always black and white
Especially for those who cannot perceive color
God can be so cruel and unfair
To never see another glorious sunrise, a colorful rainbow,
A baby's gently face or the love in the eyes of a man,
Would cause anyone heartache beyond compare...
There is perhaps no justification,
Only that it is fate and destiny.
Strangers stare as they walk by
With a cane that signifies a symbol of weakness.
Often though they show more strength then all of us united.
Facing like with a humorous attitude,
And a heart full of pain,
The sightless teach us how to never take life for granted
Enjoining life is perhaps the most important goal to achieve.
With a life full of ridicule and discrimination,
The only power obtained is a smile full of compassion,
And a soul full of strength.
The physically challenged often have the perfect
view of the vibrant colors of the world.
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