Lynn Jordan

Bradenton, Florida


Marriage is the sharing of life
With someone you've chosen to be your wife;
It's not always happy, ideal or serene
But those times are, thankfully, far between.
If one partner's Irish, and blows her stack
The quiet Italian stays calm and holds back
The same is true of the other mixed pairs
If one is silent when the other one flares
Nobody's perfect, as everyone knows,
So both of you do your best, and it shows.
TD> I Am A Mother I am a Mother, and so I can see
What Jeff and Jennifer mean to me;
I carried them beneath my heart
And was very careful to do my part.

I didn't drink, I didn't smoke
I ate for two - and that's no joke!
Almost three years apart are they,
But brother and sister they'll always stay.

Jeff with his music, he plays and he sings
Starts with piano, among other things;
Jennifer plays the piano, too
But dancing and singing are her billet-doux!

He's forty this year, and she's thirty-seven
A Leo and Pisces, and both made in Heaven;
How time does fly, as the saying goes
But being their Mom keeps me on my toes!
My Hubby Because you're such a Special Man
And it's your special day
Just thought I'd write a Special ode
'Cause I've Special things to say!

I feel such pride in all you do
To make our life so blest;
You never fail to measure up
When you're put to the test.

To pick a home we both enjoy
To lead a quiet life,
to put it all in capsule form,
I'm PROUD to be your wife!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Easter!
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