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by Raymond A Foss

An anniversary
Of a moment
(if many hours can be but a moment)
When pain brought a common numbing
A shock, pride, and resolve
Smoking buildings
Bombed caves
A world away

Fifth-five year before


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One Small Step and One Giant Leap
by Randy Johnson

It has been half a century since the first moon landing.
It was a historical event that was absolutely outstanding.
The Apollo 11 landed on the moon's surface fifty years ago today.
Two astronauts walked on the moon which is over 238,000 miles away.
Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were pioneers like Daniel Boone.
On July 20, 1969, Armstrong and Aldrin landed on the moon.
As Armstrong stepped on the moon's surface, he said "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind".
When those brave astronauts left the moon to come home, the American flag was something they left behind.
I wasn't alive in 1969 so the moon landing wasn't something that I was able to witness.
But I'm guessing that it was awesome for those who were alive, a wonderful experience.


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by Randy Johnson

For many years, you were our family's breadwinner.
Your money paid for our breakfasts, lunches and dinners.
Because of my mental impairment, you continued to support me after I turned eighteen.
You could've outworked two twenty year olds, you were the hardest worker I've ever seen.
After twenty months of chemotherapy, you lost your fight.
Your battle with Leukemia ended six years ago tonight.
For the last two days of your life, you couldn't even reply to what people said.
When I received a call from my sister-in-law, she informed me that you were dead.
Your existence on Earth ended at around 10:20 PM.
One day I'll go to Heaven and I will see you again.


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For The Anniversary Of John Keats' Death
by Sara Teasdale

At midnight, when the moonlit cypress trees
Have woven round his grave a magic shade,
Still weeping the unfinished hymn he made,
There moves fresh Maia, like a morning breeze
Blown over jonquil beds when warm rains cease.
And stooping where her poet's head is laid,
Selene weeps, while all the tides are stayed,
And swaying seas are darkened into peace.
But they who wake the meadows and the tides
Have hearts too kind to bid him wake from sleep,


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A Different Anniversary
by Raymond A Foss

A year ago we completed a journey
of faith, of hope, of love
A different anniversary than our first

Our first, a four month ago,
was a first sharing of I do's,
our joining before God and friends
under a snow filled sky
in God's creation


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Recent Anniversary Poems
A Terrace Full Of Flowers For Our Anniversary
by Hébert Logerie

Oh! No. I won’t wait until you’re seriously terminally sick
Or to expire in order to send you bouquets of ritzy flowers
Today is indeed the time, the hour to stand above the big brick
To show my love amidst the hubbub of seasoneless showers.

You are profoundly loved, dear colorful and calm princess
You are always on my mind, in my guts, my heart and my soul
You are always on top of the unbiased poll, on my pole
And I love you with an incredible passion since you are the best.


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Anniversaries: Bump As Tranquil Wave
by Arshia Sheikh

I dug my heart into a grave,
Realising, I was never so brave.
Fondness and compassion are not my attire,
Willfully submitting my truth and desire.

Anniversaries bump as tranquil wave,
Showering memories which turn out to be frail.
Rewinding the love and burning the fire,
Am I rejoicing my hopes and not a liar.

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A YEAR to remember
by Lily Isong

A YEAR to remember

It's today!
A YEAR to remember
Never felt a thing so strong
A brother and lover you are to me
Perhaps a bit more, all is what I count on
I'm out of words
Your love makes me speechless
I could never love you less


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Twenty Years Together
by Julia Shaw

By Julia Shaw
May 2019

Two people met many years ago,
Their hearts would soon embrace,
They wouldn't let each other go,
Love could not be erased.

They married in a garden fair,
With flowers all abounding,


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One of The Greatest Dogs On The Planet
by Randy Johnson

I adopted Agnes six years ago today.
She'll be my dog until she passes away.
I named my Chihuahua after my late mother.
She's my dog and I won't trade her for any other.
Agnes got sick and a veterinarian examined her.
The vet discovered that she has a heart murmur.
Because of a tick, Agnes was temporarily paralyzed.
I didn't know a tick could do that, I was surprised.
She nearly died and it was hard for me to stand it.
Agnes is one of the greatest dogs on the planet.


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