Les Farmer

When Winning Is Not Enough

Maybe everyone should take just a momment to reflect,
That losing something isnothing more than just that.

The world doesn't end,
Your feelings will mend,
What ever was lost,
Can almost always be found again.

However, in our world today. we are in such a hurry,
We can not see through our own personal worry.

You know it sounds much like two spoiled children fighting on the playground.

A person says, 'You can't have that! '
The other says, ' Oh yea, it's my ball because it was round! '
Nevermind that in fact, I didn't have ball at all
Let alone ever did I want it back.

I just didn't want the other people to get a turn.
Afterall, It should have been my ball.

That's all, it's my turn!

Now, the interesting thing is when people grow older,
They get off the ground and they get oh, so much more bolder! .

However, now we find this too to be true,
If we don't like what we have, let's just quit
and make some one else do!

Where would we be if Washington had given up,
If Lincoln was never elected,
Or if the Teddy had felt tired and couldn't make it up over the hill.

You see life is here, not for us to win or loose,
It is for us to choose.

The choice is yours,
and it is is mine too!

I choose to win and you not to loose.

Oh, where is the Torch, the light burning so bright,
To guide our abilities to know what is right.

Should we pull out when it gets tough, or
Should we learn that winning isn't enough

To many people politics is a four letter word, after reading this poem hopefully you can ascertain why!
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