Leonides S. Sales

San Francisco, California

The First Lady Of The United States Of America

H igh powered lawyer absolutely beautiful with a golden heart
I ntelligent, woman of excellence with impressive personality
L oving kind and caring mother, Chelsea pride and joy charming daughter
L iberal, a woman of courage great ability fighter for a good cause
A diplomat, model human being, energetic modest and supportive
R emarkable service devoted of faith to your family and country
Y ale university alumna staff lawyer Senate Watergate committee 1974 R ecognized expert on children's issues, education and legal rights
O utstanding achievements an inspiration of younger generation
D emocrat, a working woman a marvelous job, good Samaritan
H ighly regarded reputation happy women smile and the world is yours
A very great figure decisive extraordinary leadership
M arried to a distinguished handsome President Bill Clinton C reative, soft spoken, global ambassador of goodwill, building universal friendship
L egendary finest First Lady pride of the American people
I ncredibly lucky a triumphant first family in the White House
N oble family, natural beauty flexible skills, talents, understanding
T he most admired woman in America today very generous and humble
O f all the good things you have done you'll always beloved and remembered
N ations in this planet earth you are wonderful person.
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