Kristi Day

The Beauty In Me

Woman in my mirror
Tell me what you see,
The world of beauty in your eyes
For all the world to see.

Do you notice in your hair
The way the sunlight glints,
And pick up flecks of gray
That's there by just a hint?

Do you see the laughter
That lines your shining eyes,
Or the way they sparkle brightly
Each time that you cry?

If you looked into their depths
Can't you see the life you've led,
Don't you see the strength in there
That keeps you focused straight ahead?

When you look into that mirror
Can see how she looks at you,
Can you see the questions hidden there
As she wonders who you are to?

Do you see her slender shoulders
That carry the weight of the world,
The way she holds her arms about
And stands there closely furled.

Do you not see that tiny waist
Or the pert uplifted breasts,
Or they way her heart beats strongly
Hidden there inside her chest?

The hips of feminine curves
The apex between her thighs,
Can't you hear the echo
Of her passionate cries?

Can't you see her curving legs
So tender and yet so strong,
Why do you only see
The things you think are wrong?

Go deeper into the woman inside
That stands before you in the mirror,
Take a good long look
Before death draws you nearer.

See the goodness in your heart
The kindness in your soul,
Look behind the cracks and chips
To the woman standing whole.

Beauty lies beneath the surface
And is not just skin deep,
It's in the laughter of your soul
And in the tears that make you weep.

It's in the way you hold close
A child as he cries,
It's in the way you comfort him
And dry the tears from his eyes.

It's in the way you hold your man
And bring forth his passionate cries,
It's there in how you hold him
And kiss the tears from his eyes.

The beauty that you posses
Shines thru in all you do,
Look into that mirrored face
The beauty there is you.
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