Kristi Day

Heart Felt Prayers

I got down on my knees tonight
And had a talk with the Man upstairs,
I asked Him to watch over you
To hear my heart felt prayers.

Since I can't be with you now
To know that you're okay,
I said a special prayer to God
To watch over you today.

To send a guardian angel
To ride with you today,
To keep your path safe
To light your darkened way.

While on my knees beside my bed
With my hands clasped tight,
I quietly asked God anew
To bring you home safe tonight.

To give me one more day with you
To prove how much I care,
To give us a little more time
With this magical love we share.

And while I was down there
On my knees in prayer,
I thanked God for this chance
To share in a love so rare.

And as I said my prayers to Him
I felt a light touch upon my head,
Inside I felt this glow begin
An inner warmth that began to spread.

And I knew right then and there
That I was not kneeling there alone,
That as I said my prayers tonight
He was with me in my home.

Somehow I felt His arm go round
And felt His love comfort me,
And I knew I wasn't there alone
In prayer down on my knees.

I heard His voice whisper to me
'You'll never walk alone,
I'll always be at your side
As you walk thru the unknown....'

And at that time I felt
The weight of worry and despair,
Lift from my very shoulders
As I offered Him my prayers.

And I knew deep within my heart
My prayers were heard upon this night,
And that you'd be with me again
With the coming of a new days light.............
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