Joan P. Walker

Maryville, TN

The Total Woman

The total woman lives to please her great Creator here
A true example of her God, she demonstrates so clear
Accentuating on the good, refusing any doubt
We're taught by her the meaning, what Christ's church is all about

Her kindness seems to brighten, any room in which she stands
All things to her are possible, tho great may be demands
For she relies on inner strength, supplied by God above
Fullfilling His dear Purpose, with her deeds of unfeigned love

Her heart is always open, to the cries of those in need
It seem that everywhere she turns, she's sowing precious seed
Seeds of laughter, seeds of joy, seeds of love and hope
These seeds have grown into a tree, no thorns could ever choke

So many souls will benefit, by all the things she's done
For she's the good Samaritan, who strengthens everyone
Her charity is more, than any words could ever say
A force of strength and power, helping lost souls find their way

Her life of faith is clearly seen, an epistle read by all
Waiting for a trumpets blow, when she'll hear Jesus call
It's then she'll be rewarded, for the deeds done on this earth
A rare unusual jewel, there's no price to tell her worth.
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