Jin S. Byun

Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA

A Soldier's Story

Listen and hear the bravery of unsung heroes,
echoes of cries with thunder in the heavenly skies.
Is it not an irony to war in order to live in peace?,
when remembrance brings warmth and comfort to
an everlasting and insatiable beast. Again, night will come to cool the heat of their blazing hearts,
rest will not arrive because of anxiety and fear of sleep, that we do not wake from,
Gentle words filled with care and tender love temporarily encloses the
void of an affection which never parts,
confusion and heartache reveals another hand, full
of retribution and vengeance as a reminder of what must become. Smiles and laughter unfolds to rage and hatred,
the world shatters as if a broken mirror.
The pieces fall like sand, carelessly being
thrown about by an innocent child
for this life, the fragments will be replaced together as before. The mirage of inspiration and fantasy,
will become whole in this beautiful land, so vast.
War will be a dark shroud left in the past,
and we shall praise and honor every soldier till the last.
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