Jim DiGregorio

Forest City (Vandling), PA

Philosophy: &Quot;Extinction Or Survival In The 21st Century&Quot;

Opinions are many from Religion,
Scientists, Scholars as to how
humans originated to the great beings of today.

Though humanity has advanced
much above that of the animals,
there are humans who behave much
worse than the monkeys of the
world, jungles or zoos.

Man is potentially his most
dangerous threat, as he causes
many unstable forces to imbalance
"The Planet" given in for his survival.

The "Negative Balance of Nature"
creates changes, for its "Laws of
Orbited Survival," for continual
existence to balance the general
Atmosphere of its "Planet Earth."

Vicious Dinosaurs survived millions
of years, became extinct, when
"Mother Nature" eliminated these
greedy monsters, who created Chaos
with their Survival Terrorism;
eating everything at their disposal.

Is man following in the 21st Century
on a path to Extinction? Did
humanity on Earth learn anything
from the horrors of 20th Century life?.

Assassination still continues to
exist not only on World Leaders
signing for peace, but the evil
minds continue to expand their
terrorism upon the innocent.

My Poem on "Love" is my hope for
others of this World to read, to
extend a happier place of its
"Inhabitants On Earth" to enjoy peaceful co-existence.
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