Jeanne Louise Morgan

St. Louis, MO, USA

No Lullaby...

You'll never see a tree or touch a leaf,
Or hear the ocean roar against a reef:
The whisper of the wind and falling rain,
or see snow flying past a windowpane;
The rainbows' hue, flowers bloom, birds in flight,
Or the light of day and the dark of night.
You'll never feel the sunshine on your face:
A loved one's caress, a soft sweet embrace.
You will never hear school and church bells ring:
Puppies bark, a kitten purr, robins sing.
There are no toy soldiers, no dolls, no games,
For unwanted waifs without any names.
You will not ever smile or laugh or cry.
And no one will sing you a lullaby.
You'll never know the wonders of this earth,
Because you were denied the right of birth.
No shrouds, no one to weep, no one to mourn;
Your mothers killed you before you were born.
May you be led into paradise by an angel band,
And may God hold you ever in the Hollow of His Hand.
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