Hoyte E. Nelson

Slidell, Louisiana

The Raging Billows

History's full of war and conflict
With no sight of true release;
Who among us has the answer,
Restless mortals, is there no peace?

Conflicts, like the raging billows
Rolling waves upon the seas,
Full of fear and perturbation,
Full of pain and misery.

Conflicts rage upon the oceans
Waving billows tossing high;
Furious rage and trepidations,
Needlessly, men have to die.

So is man lost in the crimson
Tides that beat upon the shore;
Hoping, restless for an answer
With death knocking at the door.

Cloud-capt towers above the mountains
Rolling billows and raging foam;
Lost at sea without a compass
Lonely nights and dreams of home.

Count the cost in human sufferings,
The best and noble, so sacrificed;
To please the ego to some Tyrant
Like the rolling of the dice.
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