Frieda A. Fanslau

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Where Am I?

As I lie here taking it easy,
At times a bit woozy and quesy,
Hope the doctor's wrong in his diagnosis
And it's nothing worse than halitosis.
Fifty-six pills I've had today,
For which they made me pay.
Then they had the gall to say,
"We've come to take some blood away."
You've got to look pretty for your picture
So here they come with a tube and pitcher.
I'm so weak from all that primin'
Ain't got strength to do any smilin'.
Though there are many people, I feel all alone.
It's noisier here than it is at home.
The food is nutritious, even delicious.
I'm glad I don't have to do dishes.
I say no matter what the pain
They'll never get me in here again.
Though I hate it, and it makes me look lazy,
Guess it's better than pushin up a daisy.
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