Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Panic in the Panic Room

At last I was a fruitful writer, and my new novel was selling well,
Like the stars of a moonlit evening, putting lovers under a spell.

I had ever loved self expression, the power and beauty of words,
Like the beauty of marshmallow clouds, migrating skies in herds.

It all began back in my childhood, when I never left books alone,
As the magic of loved fairytales, whisks children to another zone!

Now that I was making more money, recently I'd bought a home,
As the flowers so lovely in their beds, haven't any need to roam.

The house was spacious and lovely, and it comprised two stories,
As any eminent book of history, comprises myriad ancient glories.

My home was on a landscaped acre, in the shadows of tall trees,
As all the sun's invisible colors, are waiting for a sunset squeeze!

But my home had one unusual feature, that I nowise did expect-
It had a hidden panic room, against brazen intruders to protect.

It was also a haven from bad weather, with its closed circuit TV,
Alarms, telephones and battery backup too, easing many worries.

Like a cloud formed from satiny mists, has come up in the world,
Where it can gaze upon vivid rainbows, and myriad stars unfurled.

I was finally settled in my home, and had been there for one year,
When I was alone one evening, and a sound caused sudden fear!

There was a tempest raging outside, but that unmistakable sound-
Was that of the front doorknob rattling, prior to an abominable pound.

As the door began to give way, I did no waiting to see who it was,
But took to my heels for the panic room, to escape all the chaos.

I sprinted fast for the basement, and the secret door of the room,
Hidden behind a bookcase, the entrance button beneath a volume.

Safe at last inside my locked chamber, I attempted to call for help,
And hearing the wild commotion upstairs, I had to suppress a yelp!

Due to the storm still raging, both the landline and cell were dead,
Like knowing summer has died, as colored leaves float overhead!

I intently watched the masked intruders, taking jewelry and cash,
Along with several other valuables, to add to their unlawful stash.

Still watching them on closed circuit TV, I finally saw them all exit,
But the door being very damaged, I was afraid to give that credit.

So I remained inside the panic room, until I could make that call;
But the power suddenly went out, just as a heart in love's thrall!

Oh, no! I was locked in now, as the inside button would not work;
And I could not open the door again, as rain during drought shirks.

So, I made myself a sandwich, then retired upon the sleeper sofa,
And as I had to abide the storm, I slipped into dreams of ambrosia.

However when I awakened next morning, power was still sadly out,
And I began to grow nervous, like a faraway star's twinkling doubt.

I was quite certain of the time, since I was still wearing my watch,
As autumn often arrives, when fields yet with color are splotched.

The panic area was really several rooms, so I made myself a meal.
Using battery powered backup lights, and my ordeal seemed unreal.

Despite numerous riveting books, my agitation and boredom grew,
When the hours turned to days, as skies turn from purple into blue.

I was nearly climbing the walls, when power was abruptly restored.
I gladly left that prison of safety, for when it rained, it had poured!

The thieves were quickly captured, due to one misplaced fingerprint,
And because of my ordeal, my panic room got critical improvements!
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