Elaine E. Kelso

Albuquerque, New Mexico

My Brother

He walked with a jaunty, slightly arrogant stride
Sinewy arms swinging rhythmically at his side
Lean and strong, he imparted inure of height
Fair of countenance, green eyes at wrinkle with delight. He was the smile make; the light in the storm
The light offered courage; the smile kept us warm
How we missed his presence when he was away
Waiting eagerly his return, praying fervently he'd stay. But life goes on; from lad to man so kind and good
He moved out o our lives into marriage and fatherhood
Still; he'd turn up when we needed a friend
Bringing the light of his smile, sad hearts to mend. We became adults, each going her separate way
Enmeshed in private struggles, losing track of fleeting days
How could we imagine that he's ever lose his stride
His sinewy arms atrophy; his strength subside? Paralyzed; a frail, gaunt figure in a wheelchair
Forsaken by his family, he was consumed by despair
It was my turn to be smile maker; a light in the storm
To offer him courage; to keep him safe and warm. His eyes met mine as he lay near death
As though longing to speak, but lacing the breath
Soon his courageous spirit soared, free as a bird
He had bade me farewell, though he spoke no word. I see his eyes twinkle in the stars at night
Imagine him striding jauntily; strong and upright
Keeping watch over little sisters and daughters down here
Like a Guardian Angel, encouraging us to preservere.
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