Edith Elhart Fairbanks

Tucson, Arizona, USA


I sit in the pew as communion is served
and humbly bow my head.
The glass in my hand holds the fruit of
the vine signifying the blood he shed.
And mirrored there on the dark red sea is
the sinner whose place he took! Thank you, dear Lord, for the precious
blood that was shed on that terrible tree—
Thank you, Lord, for this church where I
sit and your word is preached glorious
and free!
Thank you for family and friends, dear
Lord, for those who love you too!
And thank you, too, for those that I love
who are not quite sure of you—
Dear Lord, I pray that they will soon
learn to know and love you too! Help me to live my life each day as you
would have me do—
And so unworthy as I am, I humbly drain
my cup.
May I remember your words, dear Lord,
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