David Stewart Caspi

Monticello, NY, USA

God’s Golden Fruitbowl Of Passion -

Coping with life’s problems is a hard proposition;
It takes years of hard work, practice, and dedication.
Many people go about solving these problems in a different fashion:
But often, the answers defy coexistent interaction.
We must discover out own road, find our own satisfaction.
As apples do not always mix with oranges, in vain our intention.
Trust in The Lord above, and faith in one’s greatest abilities
Are markedly proven qualities, which help to supply our needs.
I met the gal of my dreams, where in the park we were romancing.
The sundown brought a peaceful air with birds chirping and deer prancing. In the glossy moonlight we envisioned a life of promise;
Not a word was uttered in hasty confusion or avarice.
She had her strong points, and I had mine;
But internal doubt just didn’t seem to let us click or unwind.
Fear of failure in love made me think that love must be blind;
An expectation therein lying one might not easily find.
The things I learned in school, I often do not this day practice.
Nuances of time keep on changing, as guards in stone palace. We cannot always attempt to occupy the throne of our desires;
It is the source of earthly inspiration one must dailt gleam,
It is mastery of service tot he living that kindles our fires,
And gradual acceptance of a stern reality that brings us self-esteem. Although we never seem to grab that elusive pot of gold at he rainbow’s end.
Our lot is made productive when our true colors we lend.
A world of leisure is at our behest, with a lifetime of gratitude in store.
May we all see the proverbial forest for the trees, and thereby enter God’ golden door.
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