Carolyn Daste Hurtado

Brentwood, CA, USA

God Is Watching Us

God is watching us in everything we say and do.
He is here for us no matter what we may venture unto. He loves us, and wants us to know we are his children.
So before we do the wrong things, to rob, steal, and kill,
Remember God is watching us so stop and be still. Life may bring its sorrows and it is difficult for us to see,
That God knows what is best,
So let him do the rest. He laid down his life for us so that we may live.
Let's trust in God and he will give. God's way is peace, love and honesty.
Let's give this to our neighbors open heartedly. He wants nothing more than our love to honor him
And obey. Open your hearts and love God today. I would like to dedicate this poem to my children
Claude, Roberto and Catalina. May you open
your hearts and love God today. God is watching us.
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