Anne Kaye

Digby, Canada


Rainbows are such lovely things,
They wipe away the tears,
And bring a glint of sunshine
To the grey robed somber years.
For what is life without a dream
To hold, to live, to see
The colors of God's lovely world
As it was meant to be?
Time is a rainbow passing by.
Just see how fast it flees,
Leaving just a silver cloud
With its golden memories.
Hope is a rainbow out of reach ...
Needs courage to go on,
To climb the mountains, ford the streams
To reach the dream beyond.
And memory is a bright rainbow,
All lovely lights that glow,
Recalling all the happy times,
No rain clouds spoil the show.
So, dreams are rainbows unfulfilled.
But reflect the heart's pure ray,
Thus make them arch around your life,
Add color to your day.
Happiness is the brightest one,
A prayer without an end,
To seek the treasures of your life
Where all the colors blend.
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