Alvie C. Hutton

Rockwall, Texas

An Ode To Lucille, My Wife, The Joy Of My Life

The love of my life for more than sixty years
Is a victim of Alzheimer's with its mind-boggling fears.
It's like going the wrong way on a one-way street.
I wish and I pray, but there is no retreat.
I pray for her comfort and peace of mind,
The nurses provide this, and are ever so kind.

Although she can't use one arm and her legs,
She continues to shake my hand as she begs and begs.
And she continually says, "Let's go, let's go."
Just where to, I think I really know.
So I push her up and down the aisles
Where we meet our friends and exchange our smiles.

I know my prayers are answered when I look into her eyes,
And our love will go on even after one of us dies.

As I walk down the streets of despair
The sound of silence fills the air
And sweet music fills my ears,
Precious memories of yesteryears,
Walking along beside me
With hope and love to guide me.

During my moments of meditation
I can feel the healing medication
Of the Holy Spirit inside me
To comfort, strengthen, and guide me.
As He fills my heart with hope
With my trials of life I can cope.

He knows my every feeling
And shares my every pain
With thankfulness now I am kneeling
Hoping for a new life to gain
And I will come off this street of sorrow
To walk into a beautiful tomorrow.
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