Alma M. Kaps

Miller, Nebraska

The Rancher

He drove to the ranch as the corral was beginning to fill.
A rider was coming behind the herd over the top of the hill.
Two dogs were working back and forth, the dust rose in a swirl.
He did a double take you see, for this rancher was a girl.

She stepped down from the horse, then turned and said "Hi,
Come on in the house, we'll have some coffee and some pie."
He stood awhile, he didn't believe one gal could bring the herd in
And waited a bit to make sure no more riders came back to the pen.

They visited 'till he could stand it no more and had to ask
"Do you run this ranch alone? Isn't that a terrible task?"
"It's all I know" she answered him, "It's all I've ever done.
For you see, I lost my Dad in '76, and my Bill in '81.

I wanted to be a rancher's wife to help him with the place
To raise a family by his side and grow older face to face
I don't understand the way things are, but trust it is God's plan.
He gave me a son, my pride and joy, David helps me when he can.

Most of the ranch work I can do, tho' it takes me awhile longer,
For when the guys come to help, I find they are much stronger.
With friends and neighbors I've been blessed, they are all so kind.
A more caring group of people, I know you would never find.

Do I run the ranch alone? No, for God is here with me.
He gave me a love for the land and the animals you see.
But it's not mine, I'm only here to care for it awhile.
I just hope there's a horse to ride, to go my final mile."

As he leaves, they walk outside, the critters hear her speak,
By the way they all act, you'd think she's been gone a week.
Now if you should see this fellow where life's toils they unfurl,
He'll probably tell you of a place, where the rancher is a girl.
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