Alfrednett Atkinson

Jackson, Mississippi, USA

I Am Woman

(A heart felt tribute to all women )
I am despair - I am heartache - I am the one that feels the sorrow - I am the comfort that ease the pain.
I am the shelter from the storm- I am the refuge found in a fortress filled with faith, hope and charity - I am peace in a world where there is turmoil - I am trust when others have none - I am love for the unlovable - I am a sanctuary for all. I am Woman.
Iam the one that conceives and protect the young - I am the warmth that covers the babe - I am the milk that nourishes the infant child - I am the sweet taste of the honey from the bee...
I am the birthright of God and Love - Iam the incubator for the immaculate conception - I am the womb that delivered thy forefather Abraham - Iam the breast he laid upon.
I am the burst of existence that unfolds the freshness of the air and the beauty of universe everywhere. I am the product of all four (4) seasons - I am the endless parade of the beauty of nature - I am the splendor that multiply each flower with its unique size, shape, fragrance and radiant color.
I am the essence that beholds more than the apparent eye can see - I am the look at the miracle of birth - I am the cover -up for many tribulations to come- I am a vision beyond the apparent glance - I am deep - I am within. I am Woman.
I am the transformation of rebirth - I am born again - I am the out burst of the soul set free.
I give thanks, praise and honor to God - I toil faithfully for my heavenly reward.
I am a virtuous woman- I hold in my hand the lighted torch - My crown on my head extended high - I am the Goddess of Liberty and Justice - I am royalty paving the way for others to follow - I am "Queen" of the land of freedom and opportunity on the solid rock - I stand. I am Woman.
I am 1/2 the form of the mole of clay - I am the need, partner and companionship for men.
I am the other half of the erected statue of man's fulfillment and delight. Yes, I am the respect 2nd the glory of man.
I am the mother earth- Iam the fertile soil - Iam the fruit of life - I covereth and expand the land - I am the sunrise that brings forth the harvest - I am the seeds that are planted, harvested, grow-up and produce the world, without me - you can exist no more.
I am yesterday, today and tomorrow - I am days of old - I have withstood the test of endurance and time....
I am the quiet, meek and humble spieit cast aside, beaten down and trampled on - I rose - I overcome and I Prevailed I am phenomenal - Yes ! I Am Woman.
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