Yukwor Lee

San Francisco, California

Hong Kong - The Pearl Of The Orient For Ever Prospers

From a little fishing village on a small island
at the mouth of the Pearl River,
up sprang a little trading post,
now developed into an international port.
proudly and prestigiously known as The Pearl Of The Orient,
the Gateway to the Cathay mainland.
While this prestigious port glitters at night
in her illuminating lights, so spectacular and bright,
her Fragrant Harbour* prospers
and shines like a star twinkling in a dark night, so clear and bright.
But this land of glamour and pride has now caught under political lime light.
The "Crown Pearl," so precious though,
will soon be returned to her mother shell,
as soon as the hour, merrily and clearly, strikes past mid-night,
the final hour in '97 mid-year.
for the whole world to hear!
Nevertheless, "The Pearl Of The Orient" continues to glitter and shine
with even greater pride
and the "Fragrant Harbour" continues to prosper for ever
together with her mother land and the world far and wide! * Hong Kong literally means "Fragrant Harbour" in Chinese.
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