Stuart Dale Stringer

Midnights' Song

Midnights’ Song Page I (The Lyrics Of A Mad Man) AKA Stuart Dale Stringer

Quickly come to midnights’ song and run the path to redeeming dawn.
To know the feeling deep inside that leads us to this raising tide.
Yes, pray the song of deep despair will never have to take you there.
True love for you is not my own as beauty such is not mans tome.
Quickly come to midnights’ song and stay with me the night is long.

The dark and light an endless flight that twist the soul into this plight.
Now dream a tale of ravens flight with wings of black into the night.
Glide upon the winds of time while dreaming of the specters rhyme.
Then murder of the day by night and open up the deep most sight.
Quickly come to midnights’ song and share the breath of life so strong.

Yes see the lady dressed on red and grace the time that come ahead.
She the child of times of old embraced of things that glitter gold.
Her smile must wane upon this earth to give the life of endless birth.
Forever is the woman called to share the warmth of fires deep hearth.
Quickly come to midnights’ song and the ravens flight is endless on.

Lyrics sing of times to come and all the earths and what it done.
The nature of this time and place tortured by the human race.
Saints of day do not portray the dark placed truth of yesterday.
Light expanding in the night casting shadows left to right.
Quickly come to midnights’ song and hide the love that has no wrong.

Now and then to have a friend with witness to their self made end.
Steep paths in darkest soul to thread an ageless line of mental woe.
As the sands of smallest deeds portray the précis of victories lost once more.
By the seeds that spawn the weeds among the flowers growing on the shore.
Quickly come to midnights’ song and show the passage through this sea of lore.

Shadows crossing closing in there the spice of something running ever thin.
Murmurs whispered cross the twice some one scheming taking fruitful life.
Deeper further now the aspiration seeking colder waters with damnation.
Love like that is not our own as such like that is daemons most wanted tone.
Quickly come to midnights’ song the time is short between the dawn.

Felicity’s heart of spirits sense freely brought to earths warm grace.
All the gist of sight and sound now what is hidden within the mire.
Questions answers lies and things that cover up the beautiful rings.
By and by the reason why shall not escape the lynxes rightful eyes.
Quickly come to midnights’ song and grace this hungry deep blue sea.

Midnights’ Song Page II (The Lyrics Of A Mad Man) AKA Stuart Dale Stringer
Quiet is the way of sleep hearing spiders nighttimes silent creep.
Swimming deeper down within the lustful cry of dreams and sin.
Ravens flight to astral plains colored gold with emerald lucid grains.
Oh, beautiful forever flies the sweet little girl with red ruby eyes.
Quickly come to midnights’ song and this dreams eternal con.

Lights are shinning in the sky tell the vanished people one last try.
Often-pondered and not forgot all the reasons she shall ever see.
Floating wisps of thoughts and visualize imaginings and all the whys.
Helpless angels calling sweet do not fall through destinies true fire.
Quickly come to midnights’ song cast the silver lights down low.

Then there is the empty plate something missing from the slate.
Nothing simple mind you now just remember when and how.
The sun must rise unto the day and cut the path to midnights’ way.
Upon the darkness, rest the light the gentle empathy of inner sight.
Quickly come to midnights’ song now feel the wind of what is dawn.

The beating hearts of lovers love and all the essence of the dove.
Magic sweetly what to say with the movement of life’s new day.
Compromising moves the night giving form to days come bright.
Passionately drawn to rest through days and nights of keenly quest.
Quickly come to midnights’ song as surely now the way is clear.

Hidden deep from predators grasp wisdoms music and the class.
Seeking messages deep in dark calling ever swims the great shark.
Moments creeping calling time drinking wholly rose red virgin wine.
What is written hour by hour long is rhetoric loves blue shower.
Quickly come to midnights’ song leave the questions that are wrong.

So, what message lies in wait of the answers chose through fate.
Comes the hour to divide all numbers balance in a mathematical slide.
Quantum physics anti mass gazing upward through the looking glass.
Far away, the place and deeper dreams are deceptions visions of destiny.
Quickly come to midnights’ song deeper dreaming comes along.

Solitary pace cannot replace the hidden grace upon a nameless face.
The doors and floors of sullen depth into the swirling mire of sleep.
Creeps the creatures that portray hidden messages meant for yesterday.
Still the Pandora of the chest who finds the last hope of hidden quest.
Quickly come to midnights’ song and give internal sight to virtues ways.
Midnights’ Song Page III (The Lyrics Of A Mad Man) AKA Stuart Dale Stringer

The hushed laughter of the children’s play, echoes down the hidden way.
Through the scrapes and countless tears as the heart of youth endures.
Seven ages cumulating change looking forward down the lane tomorrow.
Yesterdays’ becoming remembered pleasures as the Pandora in hope subsides.
Quickly come to midnights’ song and listen to the rhythm of the waning hour.

Chosen ways of yesterdays as fleeting gains of physical plains to pious gratification.
Interstellar travels cross the endless voids of inner self to find nirvanas glorious center.
As crippling stones that break the bones that tarry far along the lengthy shadows walk.
The little girl and boy with hands so tightly held as virgin hearts forever doomed to pass.
Quickly come to midnights’ song and tell the beating hearts to stay forever young.

Beyond this broken heart into the eyes of streaming tears cumulative of the years.
The hidden power comes to be as love will grow and cherish little ones to be.
With heart of hearts as red can be the flowing feelings are deep dark water of the sea.
In quest through time and space, the center of the human race parting aches to graces day.
Quickly come to midnights’ song the fears of place of dark disgrace in only such an hour.

Music changing calling lyrics of the past, true loves forever through the mystics glass.
The fishing nets and spiders webs can hold the things that tarry deep within the mire.
As ageless souls that take to form and travel space and time for one last kiss and rhyme.
Faithful ways and dreaming days with amber heavens sky as all the reason why.
Quickly come to midnights’ song and fly with doves into the new days sun.

Tribulations of revelations spoken from the past the length of time for man to last.
Prophesies of pagan dreams that echo screams and all the future dreams must die.
With in from out a shallow cry and comes leading questions of symbolic realities.
Archaic melancholy itinerant emotions gathering tornados and deep dark oceans.
Quickly come to midnight’ song no questions for the answers ever all that’s wrong.
The Hours of loneliness that are as the years enumeration from times whole emptiness.
Abiding moments concerning churning aspects of all mysterious trials of mirth’s ploy.
Perfections chased in every circle spinning dizzily down the cultures that come and go.
With the first event and then the brilliant, flare that is the glorious light dividing night.
Quickly come to midnights’ song the birth of one with diamonds depths of purist blue.

Unknown dreams that echo screams on Halloween and children chased by boogiemen.
Nighttime stories of myths and legendary tells of witches spells comes the crescent moon.
Mothers milk the sweet white silk shinning in the vein of stars that are the setting sun.
On that day so far away a birth that breaches time and space and calls to freedoms grace.
Quickly come to midnights’ song the value is now two and joins the branches of the tree.
Midnights’ Song Page IIII (The Lyrics Of A Mad Man) AKA Stuart Dale Stringer

Ingles flames beyond the plains of dimensions yet unseen convey the warmth of dream.
Grace of charm and beauties bearing music’s civility shall define again the verse to thee.
Shinning steel the spinning wheel that travels far and long as mystics south winds song.
Drenching raining clouds that pour upon the evergreens and the places and names unsaid.
Quickly come to midnights’ song now thrice the flight births true site flies the open door.

With in the mountains pass between the trees is hidden safe and sound the den of thee.
Charismatic gold shadows casting images of intricate wisdom set into the beating heart.
Fair blue skies blazing suns that are stars far beyond the reaches of the multitudes efforts.
Gathering blissfully, the secrets of ancient arts and fantasies of Odin, Thor and Loki.
Quickly come to midnights’ song with gothic fours of ever mores upon Nordic shores.
Come rebels swords and godless hordes that fly across the fjords of Vikings right by fire.
Gods of myth that have such mirth and Israel’s chosen few, as ever is the calling true.
The virgin child will mother be as reckless children come to see the summers sun is blue.
From seed to mighty oak comes ventured will of omegas’ past to bring one final day.
Quickly come to midnights’ song and hold the fingers five as Raven calls to Poe, return.
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