Sheridan Fonda

Port Saint Lucie, Florida

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From: Monochromes And Polychromes Small look and tiny smile,
Dull day and sun hides
In webs of dawn.

Folded hands and lowered eyelids,
Unseen tears water
Unknown deserts. Come to me.

Touch me,
See me,
Then you shall know the universe.

Lost lips,
Strange dreams in a sleep
With open eyes. Come to me.

So a day times away
And you and I
Are timeless.

A ballet of light
On stage--
Remember: I am dying.

Call me:
Any time you see me;
Call me. Then reply.

The song is a cluster
Of ice sounds. Love is strange.

I recall
Rain. I recall sunlight.
Now dig the grave.

Splendid hero
Lowered into the grave
At raintime. I remember.

Wild September,
Sicilian interlude and hot dust;
The essence was tainted.

I was not vital.
I frenzied in dust.

Snowtime, raintime,
Hailtime: my life times
Away in memories of hemlock.

Spilled time
On the lost consciousness;
Come away from narcissus.

Clasped hands:
I dangle from
The ledge of your finger.

Round the corner--
Touch my hand;
Webs of evening dissemble.

Strands of hair, gentle brush and gesture
Inclined downward--a lost face.
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