Rumi Ullidov

April 21, 1987 - Komoran
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the lonely freak

Instant thoughts of regret
Conquer the maze of deceitful pride
Loss and gain, things I repent
A lonely soul left aside

A bottle of hot water to keep me warm-
In the cold of lonely nights
Songs of melancholy in the background
Reminiscing from freaky heights

Lost days of love
Gained days of punishment

Should I ever be brave enough
A task to take and cease myself
Roughly breathe a deathly cough
O sip that sip from heaven’s shelf

A jar of memories lost from sight
For eternity is just a moment
Once it’s lost, lost from sight
No more hope for atonement

Stories from the future I am told
A different language they all speak
"Solo yo", says he “BEHOLD!”
“It’s only me, the Lonely Freak”
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