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Lachrymose 3: Lachrymal Ages
by Khayelihle Bongiswa Gamedze

A heart like a tombstone stiff and dry,
A crow atop a willow calls thine name.
For thine pains and sufferings you stand and
Love and hate has been the same.

And life like death , and hope like fear:
Ages of lachrymose wilt define thine life.
Four seasons of suffering every year...
A tombstone engraved, a name of sin and


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There Is Absolutely Nothing Lonelier
by Matthew Rohrer

There is absolutely nothing lonelier
than the little Mars rover
never shutting down, digging up
rocks, so far away from Bond street
in a light rain. I wonder
if he makes little beeps? If so
he is lonelier still. He fires a laser
into the dust. He coughs. A shiny
thing in the sand turns out to be his.

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Turning 21
by Rahma Abdulle

Scared to see the world beyond the shade I've always gazed through. Afraid that there might be something that I've missed. Crippled with this feeling of anxiety that I don't belong that I'm not wanted that there's no way out for me. I'm afraid of my hopes and dreams, what once seemed like a lifetime away slowly creeping in….ticktock. it says, "are you ready yet? What have you to show for yourself" in debt and alone i silence myself for if I was to speak what could I say for myself?

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A Tuesday Evening Show
by Hope Norton

There are heavy chains clinging to my body at all times.
They tape me onto a stage where i stand
to perform.
As one of them:
the background requisites.

I am solely somebody’s doll
that will wince, but only quietly,
when you pull out one of her hairs.
And I‘ll make sure to keep my porcelain face


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Good night my Love
by Dr. Robert Ippaso

Hello you
This is me
I feel so very far away;
I miss you
In every way
More than I can ever say;
As I lay
Here all alone
I count the passing of each day;
To be close


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Recent Loneliness Poems
बस इतना टूट चुकी हूँ
by Muskan Sharma

बस टूट चुकी हूँ
खुदसे क्या कहूँ
किसी से क्या बात करूँ
मन ही नहीं करता
किसी के पास जाने का
किसी से दो घड़ी बात करने का
खुदसे भी यूँ मुँह मोड़ लिया है मैंने
बस टूट चुकी हूँ

सवाल करना चाहती हूँ


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by Nahid Orko

I wanna take time to think alone
Do I have anything to give anyone?
If you wanna something, you can ask me billion
Or, I am being silent today behind the canyon

In the quiet, I find my peace
As thoughts within me start to release
I search for purpose, I search for meaning
Hoping to find a life worth dreaming


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The supporting wheel
by Urmila Singh

I am always the friend who supports you ,
the friend who helps you ,
the friend who doesn’t care ,
if the way I treat you is how you do .
I will be walking behind you in rain ,
holding an umbrella for you
so u don’t get wet .
I will be walking behind you
in pain ,
thinking if my feelings are right


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Susan, I wish......
by Sharon Morgan

I wish that I could say, ‘It will become easier’.
I wish that I could erase those five years of loneliness
I wish that I could take you back to times of laughter and happiness gone by
I wish that I could freeze-frame every one of your memories
I wish I could cause you to breathe with ease
The freshness of a cool refreshing breeze
I wish that I could convince you that you are never alone
But that when he visits your thoughts and dreams,
you will remember how happy he made you
And when you ponder the privilege that you had of both loving and being loved by him


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by Hope Norton

If a crane was lost but not found
would it circle the latitudes of the earth for eternity?
For his featherdress to dissolve.

Would humans still watch it glide over their roofs,
as he does each fortnight’s first afternoon,
sitting by the alcove of their dormer windows
and give it a name?
defeat the sheer purpose of his flight?

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