Ronald Arjune

Bronx, New York, USA


Searching for the mystery as you view this script inscription
Many are the ways to interpret for, the meanings are much
A colossal amount of engrained pathways instinctual within
The neural network of the individual's mind locking on
The success of achievements surmounts with the yearning
For in time long ago you sought the reward afterwards
At times many there was a hole creating disbelief of what is now
Lying in bed I linked my belief mind to the creator seeking
We with I suffered analyzing for the solution of peace of mind
They are channeling now, with beliefs becoming meaningful
Now beginning are the answers with procedures
Like a manual outputting the various methods for the blazing
The internal biases were required so that hatred can be blended
In order to retract the essence of the discrimination colorless
After all, the studying of differences erases the extremes
As has been predicted, developments to stage journey's end
The books have been written and the comprehension awaits
You become the voyager with your destination prescripted
Like the prescription for a medicine to be developed again
Predisposing changes for curing cancer, diabetes and blindness
Take the initiative and have the courage-you become the scientist
You are worth depending upon and I am faithful onto you
Young man and woman and child without inhibitions
You must relate with me and work with us together multiplexed
My self - given name is romvscyjn, a word for love not tarnished
Ascending the cosmos with my sexuality, star souls give birth
My life remains as a baby needing breast feeding from a girl
The ignorant excelled, failed to see my luminescent undeveloped
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