Raina Hutchins

16 June 1964 - London, England
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Please Listen To Her Prayer...

While you’re watching over all your children from above
Listening as they send to you a prayer
Please God will you take some time to listen to my child
And find a way to let her know you’re there

Through the years she suffered a very tragic loss
Her happy life was shattered; torn apart
She tries so hard to hide the lonely tears she cries at night
She tries so hard to hide her broken heart

Through the years she put aside her sadness and her pain
And found the strength to be both mum and dad
She never let them see the hurt, they only saw her smile
Although she’d lost the only love she had

She's struggled through the ups and downs that losing someone brings
She battled on and fears were cast aside
But every day I see the hurt and pain I know she feels
I see the unshed tears that fill her eyes

But now I see her worrying for someone else she loves
Her child...her precious life and soul
I watch the pain and sadness returning to her life
I watch the years of heartache take its toll

So please God will you take a while and listen to her prayers
Let her worries, and her burdens cease
Take away her pain and sorrow, dry her lonely tears
And help my daughter find a sense of peace

I need for her to know you’re there no matter what life brings
To guide her when I know she's lost her way
I need to know that once again a smile will reach her eyes
That happiness, she will find again someday...
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