Raina Hutchins

16 June 1964 - London, England
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It's time to let go...

I'm ready to grieve now... so let there be tears
It’s time to move on to face all my fears

It’s time to let go now... so let there be pain
It’s time to start crying when I hear your name

My days have been frozen since you have been gone
My nights I just live in the words of our song

I cling to the past and all that we knew
Too scared to let go, the memory of you

I know now that time will never erase
Our memories, a love I can never replace

I know to move on doesn’t mean you forget
I know to let go doesn’t mean you regret

I must close the door now and find a new way
To reach for tomorrow and not yesterday

It’s time to remember and smile when I do
All the fun, the laughter and love shared with you

It’s time for goodbye, to let the tears flow
It’s time to move now...it’s time to let go..
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