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by Fathima Shihabudeen

What will people say?
That's the prison you and I live in
Afraid to speak up
Words trapped inside
Can't seem to find their way out
There is no path
Only dense fog
But the words must go
Outside, into the world
From the walls of your mind


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Our New Gods
by Sagar Mistry

We hold new gods in our pockets safe and sound,
Forgetting what the world is, no looking around;
A god buzzing our lives with all sorts of sounds,
Keeping us busy, as the Earth makes rounds;
We know not what the person beside us feels like,
But we surely know, how much the market hiked;
Forgetting to communicate with the ones in front of our eyes,
Staring so hard to get a connection in the skies;
We see the world now from someone else’s view,
Never caring to notice, what around us is new;


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by Ashley Reichard

Swimming further and further down
Breathing becomes heavier
There’s no stopping, you want to see how far you can go
You’re passing every mistake you’ve ever made
The further you go the deeper into memories you are
Where does it end? Is the bottom near?

Swimming slower
Losing time and the ability to love


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My talking thoughts
by Isobel Grenwood

I can't take it anymore
Don't want to fake it anymore
The thoughts inside my head
That make me wish that I was dead
Though I am fed
Lay my head in bed
My thoughts they said
I wasn't good enough
And I can't prove them wrong
Which means they must be true


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by Mourid Barghouti

A poet sits in a coffee shop, writing.
The old lady
thinks he is writing a letter to his mother,
the young woman
thinks he is writing a letter to his girlfriend,
the child
thinks he is drawing,
the businessman
thinks he is considering a deal,
the tourist


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Flesh and Gold
by Willem Burger

Open like the flesh of my skin the cold comes from within my four walls of my heart ,it gets cold when it’s hard they learned from the start it’s not easy being so very,very far teeth aching from all the embracing as my bones keep shaking no…breaking; don’t you see nore believe the words and truths that I’m praying this isn’t me faking no this is me celebrating the fact that I’m not hating any shy or small I know my feelings are numb sometimes not even there at all but my four walls will embrace you welcome you home and encase you an all inclusive ride on the feelings I’m feeling right now right here by your side. I’m free from the cold I no longer need to fold I can stand proud and bold with my flesh exposed knowing my life is taking a course to destination we’re I don’t here rumors of old but live in times of gold.

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by Omar Abanouas

I look up to the sky
No matter how hard I try
It always reminds me
I’m not a perfect guy

I raised my eyes
They met glowing trails
Gliding in the starry skies
They set my heart ablaze
Then I lowered my gaze


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Woes of the heart, cure of the soul
by Omar Abanouas

Eternal woes in my heart you are set
And not getting out anytime soon I’d bet
The fire burning in my eyes has spread
It lit my soul, leaving me alive and dead

Every time it hurts I feel inspired
The pain however, has made me sick and tired
But I smile proudly in the face of trouble
For if I cry, I’ll be hurt in double


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To the starry night
by Omar Abanouas

Dark night full of mysteries
Bright stars, that erase all worries
I bring to you a heart full of sorrow
And light from your moon; it shall borrow

Nothing like your rays makes me warm
When cruel life, comes at me like a storm
I then close my eyes in peace
And seeing for that night I shall cease


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by Lily Isong

What if I'm NOTHING

I woke as gray a couple times
My soul's bare just as the pines
The tux I see that grows all slow
The pride I walk I thought I'm Mufasa
What if I'm nothing among everything
What if there wasn't a soul in me,
What if I had no dreams


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