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twist the blade
by Bogdan Dragos

she grabs a stool
and places it into the corner
of the room,
climbs on it, assumes the lotus position
and closes her eyes
and covers her ears with headphones

She faces the corner


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A Different Kind of Reality

When night comes,
a darker place calls to me.

It is my light,
my candle,
my way.

Reality shapes and shifts
revealing a path;
a broken boundary.


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the quilt of our universe
by Sarah A

A different kind of love inspires me
the type you have for this funny ole thing

The collective strives
for a balance of dwellers

Everyone living their own dream
each their very own storyteller

Adding on their thread


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pink paint
by Bogdan Dragos

pink would be the right choice
because the doctor said it will be a girl
He would paint the room pink and await
her coming into the world
What a blessing
How fortunate he felt
His back and sides were tingling with


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A Roses’ Kiss

Born in spring.
Vibrantly coloured and as open as the flames of passion;
truly regaling as life’s lover.

And yet,

dead by winter.
Harsh to touch and as crimson
as blood.
Contained within is a blackened heart; shrivelled, old, withered, and weak.


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Our Childhood
by Pijush Biswas

We were Ten; although half-grown old
Now, peep through clouds still
Long at a distance the sun does fill
Our minds, with happiness sold.
We were Ten!
Together we were dear to all often.

We were Ten; although half-grown old
Now, cross the river yet
The bridge under feet told-


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'तुजे जीना सीखा रही थी'


मैंने कल एक झलक जिंदगी को देखा,
वो मेरी राह में गुनगुना रही थी...

मैं ढूंढ़ रहा था उसे इधर उधर,
वो ऑंख मिचोली कर मुस्कुरा रही थी...

एक अरसे के बाद आया मुझे करार,
वो थपकी दे मुझे सुला रही थी...


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i’ve never told a story
by Annie H

i’ve never told a story
someone else had never heard
i’ve never wrote a book
because i couldn’t find the words

i’ve scratched out all the words
on the pages that i wrote
i’ve drowned letters in the water
and i’ve thrown them off of the boat


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by Ayatullah Nurjati

Swallow does not only describe aves or birds
He is the embodiment of a being who comes and visits this earth to provide benefits
From the towering coral duwur mountains to the sky that they have steady
Presented the beauty and exposure of nature that rises from the bottom of the ocean as a natural textbook

It is possible that history will not unravel the story and even become a fairy tale when the father or mother supports their children in bedtime.
The place where the swallow became endemic in the mountains seemed to unravel a folklore that at that time the consort of King Kartasura was sick and cured only by drinking a sponge which was none other than a swallow's nest.
Or is it really the image that has been attached to Adipati Surti as a hero and was forced to marry Suryawati because she was attracted to her beauty even though she was of a different nature?
Everyone was amazed by the elegant dance how this was reflected in real life

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The Devil's tale
by El Mann

Where he goes death follows
Why that is no one knows
What he touches turns to dust
Yet he knows not what he does
The concept of joy is a stranger to him
If he has ever felt it at all it was but a gleam
He too shall never obtain love
As though some divine punishment from above
He does know what love is
But he will forever be denied that eternal bliss


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