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do you remember(as a child)
by Rumi Ullidov

Do you remember
As a child
When the neighbour
Pissed off
Chided you?

Did you get angry
Because he shouted
Or embarrassed
Because he was right?


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It is beautiful.
The colours bright and bold
alighting the night
With a truly exquisite delight.

For many,
this glistening sight
is a wonderous invite
to a bountiful life.
Completely free of the usual strife.


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A Different Kind of Reality

When night comes,
a darker place calls to me.

It is my light,
my candle,
my way.

Reality shapes and shifts
revealing a path;
a broken boundary.


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Cup of Tea
by Favilla Mayhearth

Little cup of tea,
What will you tell me of today?
Who drank of you last evening?
and who'll take care of
Patterns in disguise,
Leaves in your essence,
You hide when serving coffee.

A bit of light splashes your face,
The liquid moves -


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A Statement
by Sarah Dee

I don't want to be

The tragic character

Used to perpetuate

Someone else's story

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The crumbling tower
by Emilia Womp

A boy with pruning skin and hollow eyes
has a brother, who’s thrice his size.
They march on and on, down spiraling stairs,
the crumbling tower is built like a maze.
“What a wonderful day” grandma says,
meanwhile a brick flies by her face.
She breathes in the rot, inspects the dust,
crackling stairs and moldy crust.
Steps fall to pieces, yet they’re still alive.
There’s no concern, they will survive.


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The Mirror
by El Mann

Little Billy Chapman was a good boy he was,
Madam mummy and sir daddy he dared not cross.
"Go stand in the corner!" the teachers would say,
At the lunch table the mean kids often chased him away.
But for little Billy it was not all bad,
For special company he always had.
In the dark solitude he did find
A magic mirror of some kind.
His little secret the world did not know,
The mysterious magic he swore to never show.


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we gotta spend more time together
by Bogdan Dragos

“I was ten years old,” she said,
her head resting on
my shoulder. “And the flames
covered the damn sky. Though our
neighbor was actually
lucky. Lucky I
didn’t burn his house. I mean,
motherfucker had it
coming. You don’t run over a girl’s
puppy and expect to


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twist the blade
by Bogdan Dragos

she grabs a stool
and places it into the corner
of the room,
climbs on it, assumes the lotus position
and closes her eyes
and covers her ears with headphones

She faces the corner


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pink paint
by Bogdan Dragos

pink would be the right choice
because the doctor said it will be a girl
He would paint the room pink and await
her coming into the world
What a blessing
How fortunate he felt
His back and sides were tingling with


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