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The Room
by Sarah A

Haunted by the ghost
of the girl who once lived there,
The Room was a graveyard
of her bottomless despair.

Funnily enough,
The Room once kept her alive.
She couldn’t let them see her secrets;
she must survive.


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by Kate Coleman

Today the world is grey. Every cloud, every window, every room. The same dull melancholy tones.

On days like today, its hard not to feel grey too.

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I Could Float Away
by Majentus Poetry

I feel as if I could fly away.
An insignificant leaf stuttering along the concrete.
A pin-sized ant makes his way across the path
I walk along and hear the silence.
The wind could blow up in my direction,
lift me up and say goodbye to meager
things like grass, and dirt, and even
A gentle whisk of air-I am leaving.

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Stop Romanticizing Mental Health
by Shay Grace

Anorexia, Anxiety, Depression, Self-Harm, Suicide
How you have become my friends
You have grown up with me and have been by my side
Friends I could not live without
You guys have controlled my life
And have left me at the end of my rope
What I go through every day is very real
You have put me through the lowest darkest times
It angers me when people put off my issues
Like they don't even care, they don't even try


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The clouds tell us stories
by Violet's Musings

“The clouds tell us stories,” Baba would say to him
As they sauntered through sunflowers fluttering in the wind
And he’d tilt his little head up and open his eyes wide
To the maestoso of the clouds, and the stories they held within
They spoke to him, and recited tales
Of dragons and giants and fairies and nymphs
Of Achilles and his gold and of Shiva and his bravery
And things were as smooth as the pallu of Ma’s new silk saree until
He started responding only to the misty blobs of ice up in the sky.


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Recent Mental health Poems
by Kate Coleman

Today the world is grey. Every cloud, every window, every room. The same dull melancholy tones.

On days like today, its hard not to feel grey too.

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She searches for light
by Nichole Lorah

She's awaken by fear.
Dreams become all too real.

She wakes with a scream, gasping for just one normal breath of air.
Sweat dripping down her face.
All she can hear is the sound of her heart beating in her ears.
Chest becomes heavy -- room pitch black.

Nothing to see as she reaches behind her back for her phone. She searches for just a little light.
The fears are real and jerking at her mind. As it wonders and worries it all becomes clear, she forever has to deal with the surreal.


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What about them? (Unsure about name)
by Jackie B

Welcome to the world.

Here's a chisel, just for you.
Brand new, and sharp, and shiny.
Oh, that behind you?
That's just a wall.
You need to tear it down with your chisel.
yeah, it got a small scratch.
It's okay, it won't hurt anything.
Hey I have this bigger wall,


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Diary: Reverberation
by baby panda

*trigger warning: mentions of suicide and blood*

dear diary

when i was 5
i used to wish that
there were no bad guys
in the world

till i was 10


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Drowning On Air
by baby panda

and who will help
when they cant see
the murky water flooding your body?

and who will understand
when you speak only
to the people you’ve known for the day?

who feels the suffocation
who endures the weight


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