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Gold is Best
by Leo W

Gold is best, we all agree
A timeless thing of beauty
Gold is merit, gold is wealth
Olympic medals, trophy shelf

Men pray for gold, or go to war
Or break into the jewelry store
To hell with frankincense and myrrh!
The wisest wise man brought it first


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new moon musings
by Sarah A

watermelon toes
I don’t know how to say no
scalloped shrieks
floating where the wind blows

never mind holding the heaviest load
I’m so magical—I could make you explode

didn’t even give me a chance to say yes
before coming to rest on my sweet head


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Forgiveness is freedom
by Sarah A

I’m sorry for all the things I make you forget
For the times I abandoned you
for the lack of remorse and the absence of regret
For all the unfinished lists
and the times I lost faith
For always searching for an escape
Whiplash between dying hope and dwindling youth
always obscuring the real you
procrastination and perfection
is a deadly combination


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Thank you for being here
by Tim Hager

You need to be broken, cracked open, to discover deeper layers to your being. The good news is that you can never completely break, for what you truly are cannot die. So as you break, all that dies are protective layers, illusions, and walls you have inherited from your surroundings and sustained because you didn’t know any better.

So let yourself break, and let the pain that arises be the fire that burns away all your doubts. Step back and allow these intense and scary emotions to run through your veins. These feelings are not your enemies, and deep down, you know this. They are but contracted love - your own repressed, malnourished, scared inner child crying out to be heard. As you become their embrace, they will unfold and bloom into powerful allies, like trees of such might and beauty that sustain your destiny’s unfolding.

Don’t be scared of your pain, and if you are, don’t add to it with more disdain. Acceptance is ever-present, and even your perfect inability to accept how you feel is already accepted, or else it wouldn’t be happening. Now you are free, not because you’re in control of yourself, but because you’ve let go of your anxious grasp on life. You’ve rediscovered your very own childlike freedom that is so deeply rooted in unknowing, in letting go and embracing what life sets before you. You never needed to become anyone, never needed to earn acceptance. Life has already said “yes” to you, for it has been unconditionally nourishing you until this very point. You are nature’s gift to itself, you breathe its air and eat its fruits, you stand in awe at its beauty and unknowingly carry out your divine duty, just by being you - a role no one else could fill.

Allow yourself to break now, to become a total mess. Drop your theatrical composure, with which you might have fooled other personas, but never could find any meaningful closure. Let the fear of being nobody fill your heart and brutally tear it apart, for every layer that falls away is a courageous step into the light of a new day.

And if you ever wonder what this pain is all about, it is not merely a source of frustration, but the very source of your being, the infinite power of creation. It is truly God’s fertile breath, the source of all life and the antidote to death. Scary it may be, but full of life for eternity. The dark, empty bottom of your being is where paradise reveals. Beyond space and time, beyond all definitions and names, the only thing that remains is the naked sense of “I”, the place where you and God stand eye to eye - one more step, now you’ve melted in his might.


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Back To Reading
by Grace Galeon

I'll drown myself in words and books
In a different dimension
In a different world
Away from this shitty reality
I'll have peace in the words that I'll read
Covering it with beautiful phrases
And I thank you, dear writer


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Recent Healing Poems
on: projection
by Elisa Janer

Do I serve as a mirror to your true self?

Glowing and flourishing
in plain sight
all this you will fail to admire
too captivated by your own reflection,
which you so wrongfully envision
sutured to my face

Is it why you still treat this like a game?


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stitched scars
by shreya p.

From the time when we were first held in their arms to times where we were showered in hugs and kisses,
Moments where we held onto their finger for our first tiny steps, till the scream of excitement when we called out their name.
They were there for all our birthdays and when we fell off our bicycles and couldn’t stop crying.
When we got sick they’d stay up till 4 in the morning so we felt safe and oh how could I forget all those monsters under the bed they fought against.

They slept next to us when we had nightmares and read us bed time stories, or some from when they themselves were our age.
They sent us to an expensive private school and bought books and pens that we liked.
Lessons for the future, laughs and giggles while playing house or attending little tea parties wearing the earrings we made.
They taught us all those nursery rhymes, how to swim and more, the way to our house and their phone numbers if we needed it any more.
For emergencies they said, now it’s stuck in my head but the number isn’t valid.


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by Rachel D

Sometimes I scream,
And imagine the world,
Explodes in time,
With the expulsion of my voice.
Shearing through the ground,
Ripping trees from the soil,
And splitting mountains,
Until all that is left is powdered remains.

Then I lay splayed out onto my destruction,


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From Womb to Tomb
by Pilgrim Roy

From womb to tomb I am condemned to be
completely blind and unable to see.
I have never, ever seen the light of day
and have to use a stick to find my way.

Never to see the glory of the setting sun,
or to gaze into the eyes of anyone.
Blind, I entered into this earthly scene.
Blind, I shall depart, never to have seen.


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The Child of the past
by Baramundi Roy

I see you crying and feel the pain of your tears,
the sorrow and anguish over so many years.
Such senseless abuse and wanton ill treatment
of someone so young and so innocent!

Oh child of my past and source of my tears
ever with me throughout all of my years.
Bearer of memories so harmful and unkind
buried deep in the recesses of my mind.


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