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infinitely unhappy girl
by Bogdan Dragos

Oh, infinitely beautiful girl
you are not alone

she wrote with
scarlet lipstick on her mirror

But words alone
change hearts


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she gives love, kindness, warmth, acceptance. And never judges
by Bogdan Dragos

the woman smiled at him
and showed her
legs from beneath a
white coat

She was close to his face

Stretched on the label of
the rubbing alcohol bottle


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the last notebook
by Bogdan Dragos

he takes his old wrinkled
and the black pen

and finds a
spot from which he can observe
the people
and write down what he
imagines to be their inner


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run wild
by Bogdan Dragos

Run wild
That was the motto

Of course it didn’t address
running wild
in the streets
and away from angry shopkeepers
and the police
and rival gangs
and betrayed friends


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lovely hands
by Bogdan Dragos

there's been a collection of
dark thoughts lately

and he was
studying it from the comfort
of his bed

The other day he found a good pillow
in the dumpster


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a blunt weapon
by Bogdan Dragos

there was a time when he’d
fear nothing more
than the bluntness of the
empty bottle

his torment
his nightmare, his hell

The bottle would be
all right as long as it stayed full


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a distracted dreamer
by Bogdan Dragos

what else to do when
the rain falls so heavy
against the window

Get melancholic
get poetic
have a drink
have another


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an old instrument with rusty strings
by Bogdan Dragos

he sits alone in the

on a wooden chair

The walls surrounding him
have no
mirrors and
the windows are covered
by the thickest blinds


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Saint Bernards are big, heavy dogs
by Bogdan Dragos

he opened another beer
and sat on
the couch
but turned off the TV

He watched the kid

The kid was on his knees
before the coffee table
busy with


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hope she’s okay wherever she is
by Bogdan Dragos

she kept saying how much she
hated her tattoos

and kept showing them
to us

"Got 'em when I was young and
dumb and now I
jus' wanna rip my skin off."


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