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sweet dreams, brother
by Bogdan Dragos

The last time they visited him
in the hospital,
mother made the big

She was once more

at 44


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writing for the rest of his life
by Bogdan Dragos

he declared himself insane
before the world

and the world did worse
than not to
believe or ridicule him

The world
ignored him


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lovely hands
by Bogdan Dragos

there's been a collection of
dark thoughts lately

and he was
studying it from the comfort
of his bed

The other day he found a good pillow
in the dumpster


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also pay attention to spelling and grammar so you don’t embarrass yourself
by Bogdan Dragos

every small hesitation
a bite
from your confidence,
from your soul

until you find
breathing in ashes
of suicide notes


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value of time
by Bogdan Dragos

his eyes looked fresh out of
a hardcore crying

I walked up to him
and asked what
was wrong

He showed me his phone and
what I saw were pictures of some


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Recent Daydream Poems
by Arthur Fox

His eyes were always bigger than his head,

Dreams swirled,

Interrupted reality.

All he had to do was look.

Like there, squeezed between two chairs,


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facing the dark corner
by Bogdan Dragos

the old lady didn’t mind being
called crazy

or being laughed at for
spending her days
in her small cottage
facing the dark corner
of the room and
talking to


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A Corner of the Garden
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

In a corner of the garden,
I soak up the morning sun,
And I see a purple martin,
Singing 'til day is done!

Jasmine and orange roses,
Lend scent to sunshiny air.
Pink lilacs and primroses,
Allow the daydream flair!

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headphones are really one of humanity's greatest inventions
by Bogdan Dragos

Silence is the most important thing
It's what renders headphones
and earbuds
and headsets one of the
inventions of the modern world

The ability to enjoy entertainment
without disturbing those


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the old dog
by Bogdan Dragos

he was a very old dog and
he left hairs everywhere he sat
yet despite all that
she let him sleep in the bed besides her

Only because her family
said it was wrong

By definition
everything those people called wrong


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