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honestly, I had to look online for the meaning of the term
by Bogdan Dragos

She pushed gently against me
and fell on the
Stretched a leg towards me
began unbuttoning at her

I helped her take them
Not too gentle, not too rough


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but was it though?
by Bogdan Dragos

but what if it was
all a dream?
All a nightmare

What if he wasn't just a construction worker
who fell from the
scaffold and couldn't get up
and was in incredible pain from the torso up
because he had no more feeling below?


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dating preferences
by Bogdan Dragos

the phone rang at 03:08

unknown number

Well, the bleeding wound
on his forehead prevented him
from sleeping anyway

He picked up


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poverty in abundance
by Bogdan Dragos

four jobs in two months

and it wasn't even his
fault. He just
left because they didn't pay him

"Nobody works for
free," he said as he closed the
fridge, the
last can of beer in his hand,


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a self-published book on how to quit smoking
by Bogdan Dragos

That did it
He was tired of coming home from work
and finding
a fucking book on the table
instead of food

but the book was also on his
pillow when he went to bed

on the toilet tank


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an old instrument with rusty strings
by Bogdan Dragos

he sits alone in the

on a wooden chair

The walls surrounding him
have no
mirrors and
the windows are covered
by the thickest blinds


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feeling the train
by Bogdan Dragos

A pretty thick
of hell

That was life
so far

But today things
will change


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no country for romantic men
by Bogdan Dragos

and the few survivors who couldn’t
were lined up
along with the civilians
and shot
or killed in ways to entertain the soldiers
And dogs were trained to
tear them to shreds
and the ground became black with
their soaked blood


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songless bird
by Bogdan Dragos

a songless bird

that would be the nicest
name she’d been

the others,
far more common,
that little wench


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hope she’s okay wherever she is
by Bogdan Dragos

she kept saying how much she
hated her tattoos

and kept showing them
to us

"Got 'em when I was young and
dumb and now I
jus' wanna rip my skin off."


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