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Gravity & Age
by Franklin J. Warren

Gravity is starting to take its toll,
My body is shrinking, I'm getting old,
Store baggers no longer ignore me, instead,
From the "May I help you out" my heart has bled.

No longer am I a potential mate,
Just an old man awaiting his fate,
The condescending kindness offered by youth,
While at the same time remaining aloof.


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The Golden Years
by Dr. Robert Ippaso

Another year older
Another year gone,
A little more wisdom,
Can that be too wrong?

A few more fine wrinkles,
A dark spot or two,
Expressions pronounced
Through the skin’s darker hue.


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I am the Shadow in the Storm
by Robert Chase

The certainty of life’s completion is as clear as crystal
The hubris of youth recedes with each crease and line reflected in the mirror
The days of childrearing are nearing their end
Many are content to sit on their haunches to observe and advise
I refuse to wear the comfortable shawl - to rest in numb comfort
I rise - I stretch - I pick up my pack and venture forth
I will die gripping and squeezing the last drop of sunlight from my final day
Death needs that scythe to cut me down
I do not consent - I do not yield
I am the shadow in the storm catching the lightning


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The Passing of Time
by Seyi Ojenike

The passing of time is a curious thing,
It ebbs and flows like a restless sea,
And yet, it moves us forward, like a king.

In youth, we long for the days of spring,
When life is new and our hearts are free,
The passing of time is a curious thing.

As we grow older, we spread our wings,
And set out on paths we long to see,


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Peacock (pls give feedback for improvement)
by axox axox

One must understand the peacock
Graceful and elegant
Powerful enough to give a shock
You must understand what your soul wants
Your jade isn’t enough
Only in experiences, you’ll find luck
One must be tough
Then realization might struck
May Eos come your way
Those blessed with the third eye can see


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Recent Age Poems
by Jake Eld

Open field, shining snow
Crimson shadow, earthen flow
Brightest jailer, oaken bars
Things beneath lurk never far

Dry leaves flutter, wind will dance
Trees can whisper, sturdy trance
Rasp of winter, grind of time
Come spring again it won't be mine


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by Evelyn Judy Buehler

Wicked aged woman,
wreaking harm with cauldron,
warty nose, crafty eyes;
Wisdom sees through dark guise!
When riding purple broom,
wild crone cackles at moon.
Warblers on crimson skies.

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A Sonnet 06: Keep Moving Forward
by Ayatullah Nurjati

This age is increasing
There are still many things that have not been achieved
It's similar to my hair which is changing more and more every day—white like the dry season that leaves the leaves on the tops of the trees, it's so heartbreaking
Although very few expectations are achieved

Like nails and hair that fall off and grow back
It is different with the enemy—friends come and go
The only thing missing is the teeth that never go back
Nothing left with the family, which was never outdated even Though the country was under an embargo


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Poems about Age, Aging, and Getting Old
by Michael R. Burch

Golden Years?
by Michael R. Burch

I’m getting old.
My legs are cold.
My book’s unsold and my wife’s a scold.
Now the only gold’s
in my teeth.
I fold.


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by Becca Corrine

I live under the assumption that I will live exactly 100 years. I picked the number as a child when I was too scared to not live forever and 100 years sounded decently like forever. Then I hit fourteen, eighteen, I realize my life is nearly a fifth done. The sun circles round, the progress bar progresses. Then, I die. I was an anxious child. Very scared of death, I was obsessed, as people are with their fears, and I called my dad on his way home from work to tell him I didn’t know how I could stand being alone when everyone else is gone. I picture my parents with matching headstones, traditional, rounded at the edges. I am scared that I estimated too high and my math is all wrong. I am scared that I am far more than a fifth done with this life and I will never fully progress. I am an anxious child, still obsessed. I celebrate birthdays, fractions bouncing throughout my mind. I feel too old to be this young.

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