Ololade Raji

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Stop To Start

For a start, please stop to start
There are things you are not even aware of
While time is hemming away at your parents
You forgot terrible things come in threes?

As time furtively alters the rhythm of your life
Yet you naïvely joke at the greying of others
Little did you know that not even yours is spared
In the painful existence of these unknown days

While we push what is left of your age to its nadir
Yet your social media pages celebrate your glow devoid of glee
Even if the price of this emotional poverty is your conscience
How much of it can you pay now?

Just take a moment, stop to start
Have you seen either a crying clown or a sadistic smile?
From the infamous witch of Ota to the notorious thief of Ifo
Famed stories of these mortals are ever for learning

Read, read or need I tell you more?
Of the kings who never ruled or the slave who ruled over kings?
Only time will tell your side of the story
Or would you if you could?

Spare a moment to stop and start
And start these all over again
One worthy of your tale of thy good and grace
Wouldn’t that make a difference when you are gone?

Ololade Raji (July 2021)
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