Nehal Mistry

September 11, 2005
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What if I told you I like you?
Would you still treat me the same?
What if I told you I liked you several times since 8th grade?
Would you still maintain our friendship?
You have no idea what goes on in my mind and heart, although I really hope that you do.
I wish you knew, but I don't want to tell you
Because I know how it will end.
I'm not the type of girl you like, although I really wish I was.
I'm not as pretty as her, nor am I as smart as her. I don't want to be like her, but maybe, just maybe, if I was like her, you might have looked at me the way you did to her.
I wish this were in one of those books that I have read. Then there might be a chance of a plot twist, and maybe you like me back as well.
I want to tell you what I feel, but I'm afraid of rejection. I'm worried that our little friendship will be gone as well, so I hope you are good at reading between the lines and finally understand that this was meant for you.
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