Melissa Brume

The Void

(This was the first poem that I ever wrote somewhere around June of (2000) , sprawled out across my bed in deep contemplation and much reflection of the memory a first love.)

I remember the first time I saw you, you seemed so calm and smoothe.
I remember your eyes, so..... intense.
I remember how my heart fluttered, and how I tried to speak.
I remember feeling so at ease and yet I felt so weak.
I remember all the times we shared, the laughter and the tears.
I remember all the little things, and realizing my deepest fears.
Remember the cold winter, how you let me wear your coat, the first time we made love, or the poetry that you wrote?
So many things I still hold dear to my heart, with so many dreams I wonder, 'How do I part? '
Curse the stars and the Heavens and everything from above.
Turn away oh, Cupid, dove, anything and everything that ever symbolized love.
Tonight these demons torment me and beg me for my life, while you're at home in your nice warm bed, with maybe your future wife?
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